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Please consider sponsoring a child for $60 a month, or $700 at the beginning of each school year. We offer online meetings with your child at least twice yearly.

Children Available for Sponsorship

On Eagles Wings Family

Rescue & Restoration


On Eagles' Wings Family Rescue & Restoration (OEW) helps whole families come out of the sex trade in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. We rescue families in which either a child or a parent is selling themselves for sex so they can feed the family. 


The photos below show some of our children who have needs their parents cannot meet or are in danger of being sold or married at a very early age.

To sponsor a child, please click a photo

Judy Wanjiku 5, Pre-School

Grandmother: Rose Karemi
Brother: None
Sister: Esther

Judy is a five-year-old with a good heart and a happy face. She goes to Pre-school at Chaminade Pre-School where readily raises her hand to participate in class.

Her grandma, Rose, took her in after Judy’s mom went to prison. Her grandma also raising her own daughter, Esther. Despite great challenges in her young life, Judy finds joy, especially in eating flavored rice.

In August we open a small restaurant for Rose where she is
cooking tea, rice and beans, and Kenyan specialties. Rose is highly disciplined and walks far to bring her weekly savings to Eagles’ Wings.

Joy, 8, 2nd Grade 

Mom: Moreen
Brother: Brother
Sister: Muya

Joy lives with the mom, Moreen, near the On Eagles’ Wings office in the slum. She goes to a nearby school, called Kwa Njenga Primary where she is an average student. Her older brother Muya lives with their grandmother in their village. 

 Joy exudes her name. She is ever smiling. Though she is quiet and loves her own company, her face lights up when dancing and singing. Her favorite food is rice and beans.

Her mom sells mosquito coils and is a powerhouse worshipper at our new Eagles’ Wings church. 

Ashley Queen, 8, 3rd Grade

Mom: Diana Atieno

Brother: None
Sister: Scarlet (See next page.)

Ashley’s favorite food is bread and milk. Coming in second is rice with beef. When playing with neighbor kids, her best game is Monkey-in-the-Middle. Ashley also tags along with her 11-year-old sister, Scarlet, to play hide-n-seek.

She is a third grader at Loyal King’s Education Centre, two years behind her big sister where she is an above-average student.

On Eagles’ Wings opened a small kiosk to her mom in 2022 where she sells new shoes, sandals, and school bags. Despite repeated shutdowns over national fear of violence during the presidential elections, her business is doing well.

Florence 10, 4th Grade

Mom: Risper
Brother: None
Sister: Sharon and Millicent

Florence, or Flo, is a quiet girl but quite active. She is the youngest of three girls, all in Primary School, who live with their mom. Their dad died in a work accident four years ago, leaving the family desperate.

Florence loves ball games and rice and beans.

Scarlet Skylar, 11, 6th Grade

Mom: Diana Atieno
Brother: None
Sister: Ashley

In the evenings after Skylar, 11, finishes her homework and cleans up after dinner, she rushes outside with her little sister, Ashley, to play hide-n-seek. Skyler frequently has Ashley by her side when their mom is working.

On Eagles’ Wings opened a small kiosk for her mom in 2022 where she sells new shoes, sandals, and school bags. She recently expanded to offer make-up. Despite repeated shutdowns over national fear of violence during the presidential elections, her business is doing well.

Skyler is a good student in her Fifth Grade atLoyalKing Educational Centre in the slum.

Jabez, 12, Special School

Mom: Joyce Nduku
Brother: Jepheth, Kenedy Chege, and David
Sister: None

Jabez, also called Macau, is always smiling and enthusiastic. He has a light inside. He has three brothers and is the youngest of the family.

Jabez is autistic and non-verbal but understands Swahili and some English. We believe he cannot speak because he has never attended a school where he could deal with the disability. We believe he can have a much better life when he learns to speak and send him to a special school in January.

His mom, Joyce, has one of our best businesses, selling staples like diapers, toilet tissue, and the moment’s hottest items.

 Millicent, 14, 8th Grade

Mom: Risper

Brother: Sam
Sister: Sharon and Florence


Though she is shy, she does give great hugs. Millicent, or Milly, is a quiet girl but quite active. She is the second born in a family of three girls and a baby boy. All the girls are in Primary School and live with their mom. Their dad died in a work accident four years ago, leaving the family desperate.

Millicent loves ball games and rice and beans.

Isaack, 14,  10th Grade

Mom: Rose Wayua

Brother: Briston and John
Sister: Mary

Isaak is a happy-go-lucky, super-talented soccer player.  Although he is two years younger than his elder brother, Isaack is a natural leader who watches over his little sister and brother.

He was a good student throughout Primary School at Mukuru Kwa Njenga Primary and just began Ninth Grade boarding school in May. Isaak hopes to hit a growth spurt soon because is small for his age. Yet he cleverly overcomes his stature by keeping his eye on his goal of achieving and making a better life for himself.

Fridah 16, 11th Grade

Fridah just started tenth grade this year with gusto. She is a hard worker and is our Number 2 best High School student. She started Tenth Grade in May, and we expect high marks from her. Compared to her Eight grade marks, she has skyrocketed.

She tends to be calm and friendly, softly lighting up a room. Fridah is very new to OEW, and she is easy to love.

In her free time, Fridah likes to create bracelets and jewelry with beads.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-25 at 15.22_edited.jpg
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P1090254 (2).JPG
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Sharon Mutheu, 16, 11th Grade

In January, Sharon began her third year at Kamuthanga S.A High School outside of Nairobi. She is an average student, and her favorite subjects  are Agriculture, History and Government. 


As the oldest of three siblings, Sharon is great at taking care of her little brother and sister and helping her mom when she is not in school. She is soft spoken and a bit shy.


Sharon loves dancing, cooking and making mats. At home, she is jovial and enjoys story telling.

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