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Eagles’ Wings News March 2015

Hi! Thank you for your prayers and support. This month God brought home to Maggie again that it’s all about loving people. That sums up ministry.

  • Maggie was amazingly blessed to teach the young girls in the Sinai slum in Nairobi, Kenya, about how unique God made them. They each told a story about a banana she gave them, then she mixed up all of the bananas in a bowl and dumped them out onto the floor. Within 10 seconds, everyone found their own banana. So, if God makes every banana unique, what does that say about you?!
  • The girls were sweet and it brought home the point of why we are here doing all of the paperwork to start a ministry right now. Maggie also joined their exercise and self-defense classes before the rain began coming into the narrow streets sideways. The children are the blessing.
Kenyan boys nears church
Boys Outside of Church.


girl clapping
Happy Girl!


  • Maggie began saying short sentences in Kiswahili! It’s a miracle.
  • While leading the Women’s Ministry at World Aflame Church one Wednesday, the Holy Spirit poured out on us with amazing love and joy. His presence was so thick that some of the women stayed at church until 8 pm that night, laughing and just enjoying being with Him and each other.
  • We also are seeing God heal people. Our Kenyan Pastor’s sister was healed from months of incapacitating pain that had plagued her hip and side. PRAISE THE LORD (Bwana asifiwe!)!
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