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Eagles’ Wings News January 2015

Here’s a summary of how Maggie has followed the Holy Spirit’s leading since leaving Harvest School.

  • Extended Outreach: For two weeks, our team went to the bars and streets to help prostitutes in Mombasa, Kenya. At least four women met with us for lunch, and three came to church and received Jesus. We also went to two Muslim villages on the Eastern coast of Kenya where about 30 people became Christians.
children mombasa
Children in a Village Along the Coast of Kenya.
women in village mombasa_
Maggie With Women in a Coastal Village in Kenya.


  • Established in Nairobi, Kenya: The pastor we worked with in Mombasa gave Maggie contacts for people in Nairobi. She arrived in Nairobi on 12/27/14 where she:
    • Is living in the servant quarters of a Kenyan family where she is learning Swahili and the Kenyan culture. The mother of the family is a Swahili teacher.
Kenyan Family
Maggie With Her Kenyan Family.


    • Working with Arts & Abolition, which is a non-profit group rescuing young girls from sex slavery in the Siani slum of Nairobi. Because God made the way, Maggie lived with the woman heading this organization for her first three weeks here. Two sisters who were rescued from the abuse stayed with us for a few days, the youngest being nine and is HIV positive. The older girl, 11, previously sold herself to a man for a boiled egg.
    • Preaching and Recruiting a Team at World Aflame, a church in the Kwa Njenga slum in Nairobi.
    • Starting a Women’s Group at World Aflame Church at the request of Pastor Julius.
women at church2
Women at Church Treated to Pedicures.


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