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Eagles’ Wings News April 2015

Our first venture into the Kwa Njenga (pronounced: Qua n jenga) slum, where we plan to begin the ministry, allowed Maggie and two women from her Kenyan church to encourage a 15 year old, who has been selling herself. After trudging up and over piles…

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Eagles’ Wings News March 2015

Hi! Thank you for your prayers and support. This month God brought home to Maggie again that it's all about loving people. That sums up ministry. Maggie was amazingly blessed to teach the young girls in the Sinai slum in Nairobi,…

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Eagles’ Wings News February 2015

Maggie assisted a non-profit rescuing girls from the commercial sex trade with its "Back to School" event where the girls received their school uniforms and celebrated their upcoming first day of school. The youngest girl was nine, and they were all excited. Though school is "free" in Kenya, the cost…

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Eagles’ Wings News January 2015

Here’s a summary of how Maggie has followed the Holy Spirit’s leading since leaving Harvest School. Extended Outreach: For two weeks, our team went to the bars and streets to help prostitutes in Mombasa, Kenya. At least four women met with us for…

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Eagles’ Wings News December 2014

IRIS Harvest School of Missions was great but incredibly hectic. We stayed in tents near Johannesburg for the first two weeks and froze. However, all of the teaching was great. We also took food to people in the shanty towns…

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