Rescuing & Restoring Families
from the Sex Trade in Nairobi, Kenya's Slums

Eagles’ Wings News April 2015

Our first venture into the Kwa Njenga (pronounced: Qua n jenga) slum, where we plan to begin the ministry, allowed Maggie and two women from her Kenyan church to encourage a 15 year old, who has been selling herself. After trudging up and over piles of large rocks and mud slung against the side of the water filled road for at least 40 minutes into the slum, we met the girl’s mother who took us into her tiny metal home. It was pitch dark, except for a tiny handmade kerosene lamp made out of a light bulb that eventually made the 10’ by 12’ home light enough to see each other.

Margaret in Kwa Njenga

Taking Girl’s Mother to Buy Food for the Family.


We sat on water jugs in the tiny shack as God used our team to lift up her daughter, who has been taking drugs and selling her body because her parents can no longer afford the entrance and uniform fees (about $250 to $550) to send her to school. Her mom is HIV positive. The young girl had lost hope, but felt lighter and encouraged after we prayed and talked to her. She said she doesn’t want to sell herself any more.

In Kwa Njenga, sewage and rain water mix into trenches dug along the road and then spills into the muddy streets themselves. There rarely is money to pay $0.08 to $0.12 cents to use one of the distant public toilets. Out of their meager incomes, as little as $1 a day, people are forced to buy water and a small amount of rice. Many go hungry for days or weeks at a time.

Below are some photos of the Kwa Njenga slum.

kwa njenga shops

The Trenches Funnel Much of the Fluids in the Slum.


young girl in Kwa njenga Mercry

Young Girl in the Kwa Njenga Slum.

Eagles’ Wings News March 2015

Hi! Thank you for your prayers and support. This month God brought home to Maggie again that it’s all about loving people. That sums up ministry.

  • Maggie was amazingly blessed to teach the young girls in the Sinai slum in Nairobi, Kenya, about how unique God made them. They each told a story about a banana she gave them, then she mixed up all of the bananas in a bowl and dumped them out onto the floor. Within 10 seconds, everyone found their own banana. So, if God makes every banana unique, what does that say about you?!
  • The girls were sweet and it brought home the point of why we are here doing all of the paperwork to start a ministry right now. Maggie also joined their exercise and self-defense classes before the rain began coming into the narrow streets sideways. The children are the blessing.
Kenyan boys nears church

Boys Outside of Church.


girl clapping

Happy Girl!


  • Maggie began saying short sentences in Kiswahili! It’s a miracle.
  • While leading the Women’s Ministry at World Aflame Church one Wednesday, the Holy Spirit poured out on us with amazing love and joy. His presence was so thick that some of the women stayed at church until 8 pm that night, laughing and just enjoying being with Him and each other.
  • We also are seeing God heal people. Our Kenyan Pastor’s sister was healed from months of incapacitating pain that had plagued her hip and side. PRAISE THE LORD (Bwana asifiwe!)!

Eagles’ Wings News February 2015

Maggie assisted a non-profit rescuing girls from the commercial sex trade with its “Back to School” event where the girls received their school uniforms and celebrated their upcoming first day of school. The youngest girl was nine, and they were all excited.

Though school is “free” in Kenya, the cost of uniforms and admission fees often are unattainable for parents in the slums. Many families live on $1 a day.

Learning Swahili is difficult, because it’s so different than the romance languages – but pressing in. Nakupenda! (I love you.)

kids in sanai

Children in Sanai Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.


young girls in Sanai

Girls in Sanai Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Eagles’ Wings News January 2015

Here’s a summary of how Maggie has followed the Holy Spirit’s leading since leaving Harvest School.

  • Extended Outreach: For two weeks, our team went to the bars and streets to help prostitutes in Mombasa, Kenya. At least four women met with us for lunch, and three came to church and received Jesus. We also went to two Muslim villages on the Eastern coast of Kenya where about 30 people became Christians.
children mombasa

Children in a Village Along the Coast of Kenya.

women in village mombasa_

Maggie With Women in a Coastal Village in Kenya.


  • Established in Nairobi, Kenya: The pastor we worked with in Mombasa gave Maggie contacts for people in Nairobi. She arrived in Nairobi on 12/27/14 where she:
    • Is living in the servant quarters of a Kenyan family where she is learning Swahili and the Kenyan culture. The mother of the family is a Swahili teacher.
Kenyan Family

Maggie With Her Kenyan Family.


    • Working with Arts & Abolition, which is a non-profit group rescuing young girls from sex slavery in the Siani slum of Nairobi. Because God made the way, Maggie lived with the woman heading this organization for her first three weeks here. Two sisters who were rescued from the abuse stayed with us for a few days, the youngest being nine and is HIV positive. The older girl, 11, previously sold herself to a man for a boiled egg.
    • Preaching and Recruiting a Team at World Aflame, a church in the Kwa Njenga slum in Nairobi.
    • Starting a Women’s Group at World Aflame Church at the request of Pastor Julius.
women at church2

Women at Church Treated to Pedicures.


Eagles’ Wings News December 2014

IRIS Harvest School of Missions was great but incredibly hectic.

graduation day

Graduation Day at IRIS Harvest School of Missions. Maggie, Left, With Two Friends.

We stayed in tents near Johannesburg for the first two weeks and froze. However, all of the teaching was great. We also took food to people in the shanty towns where most of the people seemed to be refugees from other African nations.

After South Africa, we stayed in Pemba, Mozambique, for a month where it was sweltering. So we’ve seen all temperatures. At one village we visited, God saved almost the whole village after seeing the “Jesus” film. The next day, village elders donated land for a church, and we had service on the property on Sunday.

Mozambique village 1

Mother and Baby in Mozambican Village





Mozambique village children

God’s Light in Children’s Eyes, Mozambican Village








During the second week of school, God powerfully called Maggie to rescue and restore families in the Nairobi, Kenya, slums. He gave her confirmations, so she’s heading to Kenya.

mombasa girl

At a Safe House near Mombasa, Kenya.


Right now Maggie is in Mombasa, Kenya. Our group of 12 has ministered on the streets and have seen God heal and save people. Everyone will return home just before or after Christmas, except for Maggie. She plans to stay in Nairobi for at least three to six months to learn Swahili and some of the culture. There is a church that is connecting her with a place where she can live in the city.


Your donation will help bring families in Nairobi's slums out of sex trafficking. Some children are as young as six.

We are:

  • Helping parents start small businesses to support their families so they do not sell their children for sex
  • Sending the children to school by paying admission and uniform fees
  • Doing inner healing on the entire family