Rescuing & Restoring Families
from the Sex Trade in Nairobi, Kenya's Slums

On Eagles’ Wings News – August 2017


August was the first time most of our children had ever been on a boat. Thank God no one fell in and we had a blast.




Up & Down a treacherous mountain to the village…We picked up Jane, in the white dress above, from her aunt’s village, so she could attend our Vacation Camp. In January, her mother abandoned Jane and her three small brothers with relatives. We were able to rescue them and send them to school. During vacations, they stay with their aunt. The youngest of the family, Alex, is standing in front of Jane.




Francis and a neighbor wait at the kitchen in the village we visited. Francis also is number 1 in his kindergarten.




Receiving Jesus – After Mercy, in the purple dress, taught our children about salvation, 12 of them said they wanted Jesus to come into their hearts!




Prayers of Salvation – Brian, a British friend, and Pauline, pray for Braeburn and George




August Vacation Camp – During camp, we learned that computers can be fun. We also studied self-defense, geography, jewelry and card making.




Freedom Fighter Hideout – We toured a cave that was a hideout for the Mau Mau freedom fighters during the Kenyan war for independence from Britain. Kenya became a nation in 1963.




The last night of the camp, 20 kids slept at the Safe House with Maggie, and we took a trip to Paradise Lost the following day. Please enjoy the next few photos of our excursion.




Kids learned how to pump themselves to move the swings.




It was a long day.

Your donation will help bring families in Nairobi's slums out of sex trafficking. Some children are as young as six.

We are:

  • Helping parents start small businesses to support their families so they do not sell their children for sex
  • Sending the children to school by paying admission and uniform fees
  • Doing inner healing on the entire family