Rescuing & Restoring Families
from the Sex Trade in Nairobi, Kenya's Slums

On Eagles’ Wings News – June 2017


Our boys rough’n it with a homemade football.



Doctors don’t understand how Ndasi is able to walk and talk…It’s Jesus!
Ndasi, in the red sweater, almost died from meningitis in June but we were able to get her into a hospital. Doctors expected her to be paralyzed or mentally incapacitated. On July 7, she returned to school healthy! She is pictured here with her little sisters and her mom, Pamela.



Our boy Clinton lights up the room. Clinton, 5, was ecstatic when we visited him at his special school for autism. We’ve been helping him, his mom and three sisters since March of 2016.



Our First Harvest: Thanks to Hope Seeds we have our first small harvest of cabbage, parsley and moringa. Eventually we hope to make income for On Eagles’ Wings with agriculture.



“The way you found me is not the way I am now. The things I did, I don’t do, and we don’t go hungry,” Margaret.
“The way you found me is not the way I am now. The things I did, I don’t do, and we don’t go hungry,” Margaret.
We recently helped Margaret start a new business selling kitchen plastics and vegetables. In pink, she waits on a customer outside of her house. She seems to have the drive that it takes to succeed.



“Help from On Eagles’ Wings enables us to pay rent and to eat twice a day, instead of only once. God bless all of you,” Fabian.
Fabian, left, assists two customers interested in buying used blouses. When his wife, Felista, finishes tailoring school, they hope to open a clothing shop in a building.



In Florida: In June, Maggie spread the word about On Eagles’ Wings in Florida. In this photo, she stands between Pastor and Mrs. Holley, of Pathways Christian Fellowship, after speaking at their church in Bradenton.



First Card Game Ever – Staff played their first card game after Maggie taught them “War” following our staff meeting. Chiding and competition are definitely universal human traits.

On Eagles’ Wings – May 2017

Kids will be kids! At our Saturday fun time, Fabian “Junior” is just a little boy outside of the slum




Our Girl is on the Mend! Ndasi, right, almost died from meningitis in May. After a week of our tears and prayers, we finally got her mother to take her to the hospital. Ten days later, she was released and is progressing – much to the joy of her little sister Michelle and to On Eagles’ Wings!




Please pray for creative ways for us to bring Muslims into salvation and into our ministry. Since we are Christian, Muslim women say they are afraid they might be killed if we pray for them.




Another New Family! Truphena, 24, with her two girls, joined On Eagles’ Wings in May. Truphena had been working e at local bars to support her children. Now we are helping her receive training as a beautician at a salon. Truphena just completed her first week of training and is one hard worker!




Daniel, our Kenyan friend in the cowboy hat, offered to build beds for our Safe House. We bought the supplies and he hired a man to cart them to the house through rush hour traffic. That’s how things are done here.




Previously, the kids slept on a mattress on the floor when they stayed at the Safe House. Now we have six beds, but they all want to sleep together!




We visited Emily, left, and Tracy on Parents’ Day in May. They are high school seniors and are preparing for their national exams at the end of the year. Emily wants to be a chef and Tracy hopes to study accounting.




We started Mutuku in his recycling business last year. Here he is carrying a small load to sell.




Our Swedish friends, Jesper, with the crowbar, and Gustaf, built a box for us to plant seedlings. The seeds were donated by Hope Seeds, a ministry in Bradenton, Florida. We’re growing parsley, cabbage and Maringa.




Come to see the amazing wildlife.

On Eagles’ Wings News – April 2017


The King of the Jungle sat and yawned for us for five minutes during our Vacation Camp excursion to Nairobi National Park.  Silence in the van was resounding in awe of his majesty.



Kids learn to scare away a potential attacker during self-defense class.



Right, Sandra, a Swedish student who is helping us, teaches Brenda how to make a bracelet during vacation camp.



Steve, 20, who we are helping run a small business and finish high school, opened his first bank account with substantial savings from his business. He and his sister, Emily, had to drop out of school when their parents abandoned them in the slum a few years ago. At that time, Emily, 15, began selling herself. We also have been sending Emily to high school since last year.



In April, we selected five new families to help, in addition to our existing families. They are shown below.


This photo shows Risper, 25, with her three girls. After her husband died in a construction accident recently, Risper had to sell herself to feed the children. The girls had to stop school and were in danger of being molested. We will send the girls to school and have already found a job for Risper!




Margret, 42, turned to a desperate means to feed her five children, after her husband abandoned the family a year ago. Her oldest, Carolyne, 17 (not in photo), and Mercy, 14, are highly vulnerable to sexual assault in the slum. Mercy is suffering from spina bifida and lacks strength to fight off attacks. We will help Margret start a business and send the two oldest girls to school. Margret will provide for the boys.



Before we met Scola, she was selling herself out of local bars, which is one of the few options for young, unmarried women in Kenya. A few years ago, she had quit selling herself to work as a live-in maid, only to be raped by the husband. So she returned to the bars. We will help her start a small business and send her son to school.




Catherine’s father died when she was in primary school, and, when her mom remarried, the new husband molested her and her sisters. Unfortunately, Catherine’s mom refused to believe them and cast them out of the house. To survive as a young teen, Catherine began finding men in clubs, who paid for her company. Now with three boys from those encounters, she has been longing to leave that life. We will pay for her to be trained as a beautician and send her two oldest to school.




Born into a family of four, Carolyne was forced to drop out of school due to a lack of school fees. She began working as a live-in maid but soon came under the influence of a madam, who sold her.  She said, “I have been doing this to bring up my daughter and to pay my bills.” It’s a fact of life for many in Kenya. For Carolyne, we will pay for her to be trained as a beautician and send Shantele to school.




Please enjoy a few more safari photos








Momma Maggie with our cubs on Safari.

Eagles’ Wings News – January February 2017

Woman from the Maasai Tribe we visited in February to feed the starving.



Left to right, Jane, 10, Alex, 3, Peter, 7, and Francis, 6. In January, the mother of these children we’ve been working with for a year dumped them with her father in his destitute village. In the village they ate once a day because there is little food. We were able to find them and send the three oldest to different schools with the help of a wonderful donor. Jane’s brothers now are living with their aunt and attending day school. Because of the African culture, if Jane had been left in the village, she would have become the household slave or married off to an older man.



We sent Ndasi and her little sister, Michelle, to school in January.



We continued visiting our parents’ businesses while we prepare to select additional families over the next few months.



We met a group of seven Swedish missionary students, and they volunteered to help On Eagles’ Wings several days a week. They are painting the Safe House, running our Saturday children’s program, and going to the slum with us. They will be in Kenya through May and are a wonderful, major blessing!



After hearing that people are starving to death due to a draught that started last June, Maggie decided we had to take action. We raised donations from local friends, residents, our Kenyan church, and the Swedish students, then took food to a hard-hit Maasai village 1.5 hours from Nairobi. Last year, we met a woman from the Maasai tribe, so we took food to her widow’s group. We hope to take more food in six weeks.



The Maasai are pastoral, so the majority of this village was forced to leave to find grazing land. Though they are wearing nice clothes, many are eating once a day at the most. As far as we know, none in the village have died from starvation.



Village House We Visited



Christ’s love evaporates all cultural boundaries. Matilda, a Swedish student, loves on a Maasai widow. These widows blessed us immensely with love and handmade gifts of jewelry.



The Maasai ladies made Maggie a gorgeous wrap, designed with intricate bead work. The widows’ leader, Agnes, is to the right.

On Eagles’ Wings – December 2016

Our social worker’s son, Liston, was leaping with joy at our Christmas party. Most of our staff’s children attended.



The staff and kids welcomed Maggie back from the U.S. with skits and a cake. Then the teens whisked off to a camp in Mombasa where most saw and swam in the Indian Ocean for the first time.



To The Well: A huge thanks to The Well in Bradenton, FL, for sewing and donating clothes to our children! Check out our models



In December, our children received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and felt the deep love of God.




Christmas Party All of the families dressed up to attend our Christmas party on December 19. The kids played ball and each one received a present.



Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus came to town, and he even knew our names!




The kids loved the treat of sodas…



Kenyan Board Treasurer Esther Kyole distributed a sack of flour to each family for Christmas. She also taught the children a short lesson on the birth of Jesus.



God bless your 2017 with love, laughter, and your own portion of selfies!

Your donation will help bring families in Nairobi's slums out of sex trafficking. Some children are as young as six.

We are:

  • Helping parents start small businesses to support their families so they do not sell their children for sex
  • Sending the children to school by paying admission and uniform fees
  • Doing inner healing on the entire family