Rescuing & Restoring Families
from the Sex Trade in Nairobi, Kenya's Slums

Eagles’ Wings News – January February 2017

Woman from the Maasai Tribe we visited in February to feed the starving.



Left to right, Jane, 10, Alex, 3, Peter, 7, and Francis, 6. In January, the mother of these children we’ve been working with for a year dumped them with her father in his destitute village. In the village they ate once a day because there is little food. We were able to find them and send the three oldest to different schools with the help of a wonderful donor. Jane’s brothers now are living with their aunt and attending day school. Because of the African culture, if Jane had been left in the village, she would have become the household slave or married off to an older man.



We sent Ndasi and her little sister, Michelle, to school in January.



We continued visiting our parents’ businesses while we prepare to select additional families over the next few months.



We met a group of seven Swedish missionary students, and they volunteered to help On Eagles’ Wings several days a week. They are painting the Safe House, running our Saturday children’s program, and going to the slum with us. They will be in Kenya through May and are a wonderful, major blessing!



After hearing that people are starving to death due to a draught that started last June, Maggie decided we had to take action. We raised donations from local friends, residents, our Kenyan church, and the Swedish students, then took food to a hard-hit Maasai village 1.5 hours from Nairobi. Last year, we met a woman from the Maasai tribe, so we took food to her widow’s group. We hope to take more food in six weeks.



The Maasai are pastoral, so the majority of this village was forced to leave to find grazing land. Though they are wearing nice clothes, many are eating once a day at the most. As far as we know, none in the village have died from starvation.



Village House We Visited



Christ’s love evaporates all cultural boundaries. Matilda, a Swedish student, loves on a Maasai widow. These widows blessed us immensely with love and handmade gifts of jewelry.



The Maasai ladies made Maggie a gorgeous wrap, designed with intricate bead work. The widows’ leader, Agnes, is to the right.

On Eagles’ Wings – December 2016

Our social worker’s son, Liston, was leaping with joy at our Christmas party. Most of our staff’s children attended.



The staff and kids welcomed Maggie back from the U.S. with skits and a cake. Then the teens whisked off to a camp in Mombasa where most saw and swam in the Indian Ocean for the first time.



To The Well: A huge thanks to The Well in Bradenton, FL, for sewing and donating clothes to our children! Check out our models



In December, our children received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and felt the deep love of God.




Christmas Party All of the families dressed up to attend our Christmas party on December 19. The kids played ball and each one received a present.



Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus came to town, and he even knew our names!




The kids loved the treat of sodas…



Kenyan Board Treasurer Esther Kyole distributed a sack of flour to each family for Christmas. She also taught the children a short lesson on the birth of Jesus.



God bless your 2017 with love, laughter, and your own portion of selfies!

On Eagles’ Wings – August 2016

On Eagles’ Wings Family Rescue & Restoration

August 2016 Accomplishments


School’s Out! Camp’s Begun.



Steve, one of our budding entrepreneurs and a high school student, taught the girls the basics of drawing during camp. August was a busy month, because we wanted to keep the teens’ focus on activities and off the opposite sex.


For the first week of August, the high school kids went to tutoring while the Primary Schools were still in session. Then we had a week of camp at our safe house in Nairobi, followed by a week at a youth revival in a village.

During camp at the safe house, we made jewelry with beads, exercised, and learned about self-defense and self-esteem. For five mornings, our German neighbor taught Geography.




In this play for On Eagles’ Wings camp, the parents discover their daughter is pregnant & HIV-positive. Kenya has world’s fourth largest HIV epidemic. Ghetto Talents, a youth group in the slum that is awakening young peoples’ gifts, created this play for our camp. On Eagles’ Wings is working with Ghetto Talents to better life for children. Together, we held a walk and a feeding program for a day for kids in the slum.


A Sad But Typical Story

Charlene (not pictured) is 12, and her mom left her alone in their house with the mom’s boyfriend for a week at a time. When Christine became pregnant, the mom forced her to have an abortion, after which the mom refused to take her to the hospital when she was bleeding severely. Though the man is gone and the mom is sending Charlene to school, we are including her in our camps and Saturday events…as a lifeline.


Bonding at our Safe House

The safe house opened an avenue for us to bond with the children more deeply. The Primary School girls frequently stop by after school to eat and play. The teen girls stayed off and on during the August vacation, and Steve always is looking for food from Momma Maggie.

One reason we moved to the house in July was to have a safe place for one of our teens during vacation. Unfortunately, she chose to go and live with her boyfriend after a week at the house. We will consider readmitting her to our program in December if she decides to go by our rules.




Our Pastor Julius organized a four-day youth camp in his home village about 3 hours east of Nairobi. Bishop Christopher Ogai, Pastor Julius, Maggie and others taught on practical and spiritual issues. The youth, from a network of churches, returned home empowered and on fire for God.




Home Cooking in Kitui Village.




Meanwhile…We kept tabs on how our businesses were prospering in Nairobi.




Bishop Christopher Ogai, right, created hilarious competitions amongst the youth, including egg tossing. The Nairobi team won the soccer ball!




Parting Selfie from Village Vacation Camp

On Eagles’ Wings – July 2016

On Eagles’ Wings Family Rescue & Restoration
July 2016


We took Moreen to the wholesale market to restock her business with plastic plates, cups, & supplies. Her “husband” who abandoned the family two years ago died this month. Her tribal customs dictates that she sleep with a relative after the husband‘s death without any commitment. We prayed, she received Jesus, and she was not required to subject herself!




We hired a business consultant, right, to train our parents on customer service and bookkeeping.




We rented a 3-bedroom house for any child who cannot remain safely at home, for a place to feed and play with the children on Saturdays, and to accommodate guests and groups on mission trips. In the back, there is a servant’s quarters we are using as an office. Come to see what we’re doing!




We ordered furniture for the living room but started having staff meetings on the floor. The office and Maggie’s bedroom are the only rooms furnished, so we are trusting God to supply our needs.




Within two weeks, we have three families in our development helping with our children. Marielis, left, is a German married to a Kenyan, and they will help with our Winter Camp in August when the kids will be out of school.




Our neighbor, Daniel, is coaching the children football in a large sports field that is a two-minute walk from the house. These kids are ecstatic, because there is no place for them to run in the slum.




Eagles’ Wings News – June 2016

June 2016 Accomplishments


In June, we: • Began partnering with our parents to start small businesses • Started monitoring businesses • Began Parenting Classes and helped parents improve cleanliness • Held special Saturday Feeding Program to praise and worship and make crafts while the teenagers were home from school for 3 days • Continued weekly social worker visits to families’ homes and to Primary School children at school




Our Primary School girls dropped by after school to say “hello”!




“Though the business is slow starting, my finances have improved,” said Pamela. A business owner gave Pamela space in her storefront to sell charcoal. As a single mom, Pam already has blossomed. Her girls feel safe now and are happy!



Though Steve, 20, still is finishing High School and only has a plastic sheet on which to display his kitchen wares, he is one of our most determined and successful business people. After only one month, no one has made a profit yet, but Steve certainly will be one of the first. He truly is enjoying hawking his plastics, calling out to people as they pass




Moreen, left, is selling plastic kitchen goods to a customer. Her soft heart is receiving our parenting advice for her three girls and one boy, and she is trying.




Margaret, left, is speaking with a customer next to the purses and stuffed animals she is selling. She peddled a significant amount of stock and had to return to the whole seller for more.



Millicent, right, and her son, George, help a lady buying their charcoal. To improve business next month, Millicent plans to buy charcoal from a supplier at its source to cut waste from the large bags she buys.




“Before joining On Eagles’ Wings I was a reckless person. Now I feel like someone who has all the potential in the world, because I can provide for my family,” said Mutuku.  He and his wife are starting a recycling business and have already sent their oldest boy to school. Mutuku is with two of his children.



The High School girls returned home from Boarding School for three days, so we had all of the children attend prayer and worship and make necklaces and bracelets for a day.



Children in Kwa Njenga

Your donation will help bring families in Nairobi's slums out of sex trafficking. Some children are as young as six.

We are:

  • Helping parents start small businesses to support their families so they do not sell their children for sex
  • Sending the children to school by paying admission and uniform fees
  • Doing inner healing on the entire family