Rescuing & Restoring Families
from the Sex Trade in Nairobi, Kenya's Slums

About Us

 Rescuing & Restoring Families

On Eagles’ Wings is working in the slums of one of the poorest countries

of the world to rescue and restore families that have been broken by

extreme poverty, hopelessness, and parents selling their children for

food. Most in the Nairobi slums are squatters in 10’ by 10’ rooms with

few public toilets and waste that flows into the streets, river, and

sometimes homes.

To begin, our goal is to send children to school when parents cannot

afford it, train parents with a vocation, run a safe house for children in

danger, empower women, and use Biblical healing to restore families.

We will begin with 10 children and their parents for the first year.

With a minimum of 60 percent of Kenya’s capital city of 3.5 million

people living in this squalor, On Eagles’ Wings aims at helping more and

more families every year. We plan to make a concerted effort to involve

city officials, local Kenyan churches and other organizations to provide

vacation camps and manpower to improve conditions in the slums.

Eventually we hope to replicate this program around Nairobi with

Kenyans in charge and raising much of the support themselves.

Once you hold, laugh, and cry with the people in the slum, you cannot

help but pour out love to them. Our long-term goal is to change the

hearts of the leaders and slumlords, which obviously will take a miracle

of God. But Jesus is in the miracle business.

God bless you!

Maggie Friedrich, Director




Your donation will help bring families in Nairobi's slums out of sex trafficking. Some children are as young as six.

We are:

  • Helping parents start small businesses to support their families so they do not sell their children for sex
  • Sending the children to school by paying admission and uniform fees
  • Doing inner healing on the entire family